About Us

Idea holding limited offering wide range of industrial shredding systems. shred’s shredders are pioneer in India manufacturing, marketing and service facility are now in North India. The basic principle of SHREDO Shredder is Simple- strong- consistent is still followed with the same dedication as we are following since 1953.

Almost 60 year experience in engineering component and shredding tooling, SHREDO has gone deep through the research, advancement and construction of reusing and recreating techniques that are eco friendly as well as affordable. Our strong relationships with the similar people have given us such success that we are settled up in the market and have vital existence. We have been working with the large group of variety of experts in an extensive range of operations, for the vast scope of industries, from the companies worldwide.

We are specialized in the shredding of various kinds of materials such as industrial MSW, Municipal Solid waste, tire, Paddy straw shredding, plant waste, plastic, wood, paper, and other waste material which can be use in Waste To Energy/Recycle Operations. Productivity and stability are the two significant factors. High quality processing of materials is just not a work for us but it is the reason of our prosperity and we call our competencies as recycling/Reclaim equipments, Shredders, conveyors, separation and waste handling.

The high tech specialization, dedication and commitment have made IDEA HOLDING LIMITED a recommended supplier of technology for a stabilized future. 

Why buy shredo shredder?

Know more the reasons for exclusiveness of SHREDO shredders and how SHREDO beats down the oppositions in terms of efficiency, capacity and processing charges etc.